Children are teaching us that gender comes in all kinds of shapes and colors, rather than two boxes, and Brook Pessin-Whedbee has given us the wonderful gift of Who Are You? to help all little people learn just how this works and how they can know their own gender. And for the adults – Who Are You? ends with an inspiring discussion guide for parents, for teachers, for anyone who wants to support children in their gender creativity.
– Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D., author of ‘The Gender Creative Child’ and ‘Gender Born, Gender Made’ and Director of Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Gender Center

“A much-needed non-fiction book exploring gender. Who Are You? will benefit every child!
– Pamela Wool, Director of Family Services, Gender Spectrum

“…a great solution to this gaping hole in the literature. Who Are You? will undoubtedly help numerous children and their communities learn about the diversity of gender experiences…”
– Dr. Kristina Olson, Director, TransYouth Project, University of Washington

“I really liked this little book. Information is presented in a simple yet engaging style which will enable parents/carers, or even teachers, to help children explore what gender identity or gender expression may mean to them in a way they will understand. It is a welcome addition to the growing range of books for children and young people.”
– Allison Ewing, Mermaids Trustee

“Who Are You? is a celebration. When we read it, everything becomes instantly bigger, kinder, and more interesting.
– Jon Nichols, Children’s AuthorCrabtree

“Everyone should read it! They’ll feel good about themselves and be nice to other people.”
– Moss, Age 8

“…a straightforward and long overdue book for kids about the gender spectrum… We can hope that, years from now, the existence of the gender spectrum is so well understood and appreciated that a book like this is not necessary.  Until then, there is an urgent need, and Pessin-Whedbee fills it with compassion and clarity.”
– Ty Alper, Director, Berkeley Unified School Board

“…a gem that promises to make these concepts accessible to teachers and immediately useful in their classroom contexts. It will certainly become a ‘go to’ resource in teacher education.”
– Thomas M. Philip, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Urban Schooling, UCLA

“Brook Pessin Whedbee brings us a delightfully creative and playful children’s book on gender… accessible to children and teachers alike. It is what those of us thinking about social issues in the classrooms of young children have really been needing!”
– Anna Richert, Professor, Mills College School of Education

“Through simple yet compelling writing, paired with the interactive gender wheel, our program’s future elementary and middle school teachers will finally have an excellent resource for teaching about the gender spectrum…  a touchstone resource for any school, teacher, or parent that strives to create a more inclusive world.”
– Elisa Salasin, Director, Developmental Teacher Education, UC Berkeley 

“…a terrific resource for all kinds of kids in all kinds of bodies.  It gives children and the adults in their lives the language to honor themselves and the people around them and makes talking about gender easy, approachable and totally normal. This book is a gift!”
– Sue Bojdak, Director of Education, Temple Sinai, Oakland, CA

“How do we give young children the opportunity to think in complex ways about gender? This is a question that many teachers and parents are asking and Who Are You provides a wonderful response… In order to create truly welcoming schools and to address the social emotional needs of our children, classrooms need texts like Who Are You.”
– Carrie Wilson, Executive Director, Mills Teacher Scholars 

“Bringing this into the non-fictional realm lends a deeply-needed legitimacy to the reality of gender fluidity, moving it beyond individual feelings, expressions and preferences, to a reality that affects all people, whether explicitly named or not… it could only bring more self- and other-acceptance to those who read it.”
– Soo Hyun Han, Oakland Unified School District

“In child friendly and accessible language,  Who Are You engages students in a clear understanding of what it means to be outside of the gender binary. This book is a powerful teaching tool to help make our classrooms and communities a safer and more empathetic place for ALL of our children with all of their varied and rich identities.”
– Joemy Ito-Gates, Teacher, Berkeley Unified School District

“This book does more than fill a void in children’s literature.  This book clarifies and simplifies the complexities of gender identity for all of us, grown ups and youngsters, in a way that facilitates understanding rather than tolerance. This book would, without a doubt, stand as a centerpiece for read aloud and discussion in my classroom.”
– Sumita Soni, Fourth Grade Teacher, Camino Nuevo Charter, Los Angeles, CA 

“The principal and first grade teacher have been so supportive of our trans girl, but they do not have the resources or time to develop their own curriculum surrounding gender… As a parent, I could only do so much in educating others, but if we implement this in our school we can reach many more young people and make positive changes in the way we think of gender.”
– Sandra Willman, Mother of a beautiful trans-girl

“Understanding gender is an important part of growing up.  This book written by Brook Pessin-Whedbee is a great way to teach kids about gender, especially in elementary school.”
-Paco Furlan, Principal, Rosa Parks Elementary School, Berkeley, CA