What do you like?    How do you feel?     Who are you?


This brightly illustrated children’s book helps anyone ages 3+ understand and celebrate gender diversity, with straightforward language for talking about how we experience gender: our body, our expression, and our identity. Includes an interactive wheel and a guide for adults!

“A solid package for families and educators…” – School Library Journal

“…easy-to-understand language for all ages.” – The Booklist

Children are teaching us that gender comes in all kinds of shapes and colors, rather than two boxes, and Brook Pessin-Whedbee has given us the wonderful gift of Who Are You? to help all little people learn just how this works and how they can know their own gender. And for the adults – Who Are You? ends with an inspiring discussion guide for parents, for teachers, for anyone who wants to support children in their gender creativity.
– Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D., author of ‘The Gender Creative Child’ and ‘Gender Born, Gender Made’ and Director of Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Gender Center


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Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.39.37 AM.pngWho Are You? has been featured in Bay Area Parents magazine and as one of BUSTLE’s 11 books with lessons on kindness  and as one of BOOK RIOT’s 8 picture books that deconstruct gender norms. Author Brook Pessin-Whedbee has also been celebrated as a “Bay Area innovator” on KALX’s Method to the Madness.

Who Are You? is one of ScaryMommy’s top 12 books for progressive parents and one of Pragmatic Mom’s top 10 Groundbreaking LGBTQ Children’s Books.

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